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CAPIS Insights

"Why CAPIS is Taking a Hybrid, Split Teams Approach to the Work Environment"

posted by CAPIS on 07/29/2020 at 9:24 am


07/29/2020 at 9:24 am

Penned by Ann Sebert, CEO

Remote contributions to the workplace have been both rewarding and demanding, and to
varying degrees depending on our own respective personal lives. Over the past four‐months, all
of us have been forced to examine what we take for granted in an office environment, what
benefits remote work has provided, and what our priorities are moving forward.

Of late, we have found that the majority of our employees have increased expectations
regarding workplace flexibility moving forward. Multiple studies have confirmed this trend. As
such, CAPIS will be employing a hybrid staffing model for our sales, compliance, operations,
accounting, and IT teams, providing them the opportunity to work remotely or in the office
through January 4, 2021. With this approach, we look to accommodate employees that may
have young children learning from home this fall, while also providing a solution for those that
don’t have a viable home‐office workspace.

The management team is devoted to the protection of our employees and their family’s health
and safety. For those that will be returning to the office, CAPIS will ensure all PPE and
distancing guidelines will be adhered to. We want to remove any uncertainty for our employees
around the workplace environment.

Our traders, who already work in two‐person teams, will have one member of the team in the
office on any given trading day to make certain we can fulfill our clients’ mandates. This adds
redundancy, peace‐of‐mind, and removes operational connectivity risks.

Although there is tremendous value to bringing the CAPIS family back together, we have proven
over the past four months that we can be successful and effective working remotely.

For questions regarding CAPIS’ hybrid staffing model, please feel free to contact