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CAPIS Insights

"CAPIS Outsourced Trading Desk and CAPIS ARC Combine Forces"

posted by CAPIS on 01/13/2021 at 11:00 am


01/13/2021 at 11:00 am

Penned by CAPIS


CAPIS recently incorporated its powerful Allocation, Reconciliation, and Clearing (ARC) post-trade wrap allocation platform into the offering of its outsourced trading desk. Now, RIA’s managing institutional, wrap, and custodial platform assets can efficiently aggregate and equitably trade these orders as a block.

Do you aggregate your institutional and wrap/custodial orders? Or is rotation your default process?

With the increased interest in outsourced trading as a solution for RIA’s, many potential suitors have been searching for an architecture to execute like orders across multiple platforms. These aggregated orders receive the same net price, all while employing the expertise of our outsourced trading desk.

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Commission wallet, research management, DVP settlement, step-out matching, email notifications, and full disclosure reports are combined into one consolidated package.

RIA’s can now confidently outsource all or part of their trading executions to one centralized experienced trading desk, gaining the benefit of our years executing, servicing, and settling institutional, wrap, and custodial platform trade-aways.

That’s the CAPIS Difference.

For outsourced trading inquiries contact Chris Hurley at 214.978.4777 or

For ARC inquiries contact Mark Viani at 214.922.3236 or 

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