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CAPIS Insights

"Test Your Knowledge: Agency Brokerage Commissions Universe"

posted by CAPIS on 06/30/2021 at 12:08 pm


06/30/2021 at 12:08 pm

At CAPIS, we have close relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on being receptive and available for feedback. Trading commissions in the retail world have been a part of national headline news this year, and we’ve been receiving some inquiries about trends we see across the universe of listed equities we trade.  

Beginning Q1 2015, CAPIS analyzed over 15 million institutional equity transactions totalling $3.3 trillion traded. This dataset serves as the basis for benchmarking commission rates and brokerage allocation statistics. Based on our data, we put together a short quiz on commission rates in the U.S. and in developed markets, as well as the differences in the number of trades executed at full-service rates vs. execution-only rates. 

So, test your knowledge below!



Comparing the two sets of charts, you can see dramatic differences between the U.S. rate trends versus developed markets. Whereas US rates have “drifted” lower, average developed market rates have been slashed 42%. 

If you are curious about the trends we see in our data or would like to learn more about CAPIS’ agency-only brokerage services, please reach out to and follow us on Twitter (@capisinc) and LinkedIn for more updates and insight from our team. 


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