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"Trading Update: One-Touch = No Delay"

posted by CAPIS on 08/13/2020 at 11:42 am


08/13/2020 at 11:42 am

Penned by Jason Gatewood, Executive Director, Global Trading 

As sell-side desks have been forced to work remotely, you may have noticed communication and routing delays associated with the built-in layers of sales traders, execution desks, and position traders. At CAPIS, your trading contact directly accesses the market and controls all order-routing decisions without delay: our “one-touch” approach. When an order comes into our desk, it is handled directly by our trader – either manually or algorithmically. The order is not sent to other traders or another desk. 

Throughout the pandemic, CAPIS has been able to maintain a safe office presence for equity trading. This footprint allows us to maintain the speed and efficiency that clients have come to expect from CAPIS’ “one-touch” approach.

Today, each equity trading team has at least one trader in the office and every trader working remotely has home-based systems that mirror those in the office. All execution venues and client connectivity features, including direct ring-downs, have been replicated. In addition, our remote trading systems are all running on universal power supplies.

At CAPIS, we work every order as if it were our very own. That is service you can trust. Every time.

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