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"Is CAPIS the Oldest Outsourced Trading Firm?"

posted by CAPIS on 09/08/2020 at 9:55 am


09/08/2020 at 9:55 am

Penned by Chris Hurley, Director, Institutional Sales


Although Outsourced Trading is a relatively new term for the industry, CAPIS has been providing this service for over 30 years.

Let that sink in – 30 years.

For decades smaller managers have foregone the expense of building a trading desk and instead have relied on CAPIS to represent them in the market.  Once the old exchange model morphed into the plethora of execution venues we have today, having a broker that is not conflicted with proprietary trading became a top criterion.

CAPIS has never had to “brand” itself as an Outsourced Trading desk.  Acting solely in the client’s best interest is something CAPIS has done since the beginning.  CAPIS has no internal risk book or market making business, nor are we beholden to any affiliated trading venues.  While others must segregate their Outsourced desk to minimize internal conflicts, CAPIS has not changed a thing; we have been trading our client’s assets as if they were our own since our inception in 1977.

Our clients who traffic in small and mid-cap names greatly appreciate that they can show CAPIS their entire order.  They know that we have their best interest at heart, as well as the experience and technology to find the liquidity, wherever it may be, including shopping market makers, ETF Authorized Participants (APs) and other risk books.  We truly represent our clients as if CAPIS were their trading desk, including direct attribution to other brokers and managing their commission budget.

Outsourced trading is just another term for what we have always done…execute client transactions as a direct extension of their investment process.

For Outsourced trading inquiries contact Chris Hurley at 214.978.4777 or via email at

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