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"Employee Spotlight – Ben Jenkins, Director, Transition Management"

posted by CAPIS on 06/08/2021 at 10:02 am


06/08/2021 at 10:02 am


At CAPIS, we put relationships first. We think of our team as a family, which is why it is important for us to not only get to know each member but also shine a spotlight on them. We spoke with Ben Jenkins, Director, Transition Management, who re-joined CAPIS at the end of 2020. Take a look at our conversation below to learn about why he returned to CAPIS after spending some time away, some of the biggest challenges and successes he’s experienced during his career and during the pandemic, as well as how he has learned to step out of his comfort zone.

[Note: This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.]

Q. How did you get interested in transition management and CAPIS?
I first joined CAPIS in 2002 after working at a few start-ups. I found the job posting on and was able to secure an interview. Transition management helps broaden my financial education through client engagement, which I really enjoy. The chance to help solve a problem drives my passion daily.

Q. Why return to CAPIS after 16 years?
CAPIS is where I started my career and my love of transition management. The opportunity to work for a smaller company again was extremely appealing. I find tremendous value in working with a tight-knit group of people all focused on providing exceptional experiences and products to the market. Also, CAPIS provided an ability to focus more deeply on the product that I love. I started my career in transition management at CAPIS and it is an absolute joy and privilege to return. Our team has a deep bench in trading, operations, and strategy, and our focus is on the client’s experience. We want to ensure we make it through hardships together, no matter what.

Q. How has transition management been affected by the pandemic?
As with anything during the pandemic, people avoided uncertainty. In 2020, we saw fewer clients interested in making asset allocation changes. However, that creates pent-up demand. In Q1 2021, our business was 7.1x that of what we did in Q1 2020, and 1.3x what we did in Q1 2019.

Q. How have you personally managed throughout the pandemic?
I know it’s been said before, but 2020 was a wild year. I went through job changes, lost friends, and found out what remote education looks like for my son. But I also learned things. I got better at things. I discovered I could make amazing homemade bread, build planter boxes and tables, replace a garbage disposal, and raise and train a puppy. At the same time, I realized there are projects where I need expertise.

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