Reducing costs for investment managers and plan sponsors.

Commission Management

CAPIS clients have benefited from our commission management programs for nearly four decades. We are a pioneer in providing institutional investors with transparent, unbundled trading and research services. Additionally, we remain one of the only brokers to offer commission recapture services to plan sponsors, helping plans reduce transaction costs, improve cash flow, and conserve assets.

Services for Investment Managers


We offer commission management solutions to meet institutional investors’ needs including client commission arrangements (CCAs), commission sharing arrangements (CSAs), and discount brokerage solutions. These programs are designed to give you the tools you need to reduce transaction costs and improve performance. There are many reasons to choose CAPIS for your commission management needs:


As an independent agency broker, we answer only to you. We do not engage in proprietary trading, or proprietary research, so you never have to worry about conflicts of interest.


CAPIS has always provided fully disclosed statements and reports. With our transparent model, you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying for the research services you receive.


Through our online statement and invoice approval system, you can quickly review and approve invoices and review your account.


As an independent, agency provider of CCAs and CSAs, take comfort in knowing that who and how much you’re paying for research remains anonymous. And since we don’t produce proprietary research, we are indifferent to who you are paying for research.


With nearly four decades of experience in the commission management business, CAPIS has well-established systems and procedures in place to ensure prompt and accurate payments to your research vendors. In fact, we have one of the best reputations on the street for making timely payments.

Services for Plan Sponsors

Commission Recapture

Are you looking to lower your expenses, reduce commissions, and control transaction costs? CAPIS’ commission recapture service is a highly effective and transparent tool that accomplishes these objectives.

As one of the few remaining brokers to offer commission recapture services, CAPIS is committed to providing the most comprehensive commission recapture program in the industry − helping your plan reduce transaction costs, improve cash flow, and conserve assets.

CAPIS offers trading flexibility to satisfy directed commission requests. Because best execution is always our top priority, you can trade directly through CAPIS’ 24-hour global trading desk or with any of our global trading partners. Directed commission requests can also be satisfied using global equity, fixed income, and option trades.

Designed to fit your plan’s specific needs, CAPIS’ commission recapture program offers custom analysis reports, online tools, and superior compliance and client support to help you understand and optimize your commission dollar spend.

Comprehensive Reporting

Monitoring best execution is a primary responsibility for any plan or fund. To help you fulfill your fiduciary obligation, CAPIS provides Ally, our comprehensive execution analysis, brokerage allocation, and commission recapture reporting to assist you in evaluating manager performance, participation, and overall commission costs. The Ally reports offer unique insight into the allocation of your commission assets.

With CAPIS’ reporting tools, monitoring best execution is simple. Our reports help you:
  • Identify underperforming managers – The CAPIS rankings make it easy to evaluate manager performance.
  • Recognize trends – Historical group ranking statistics highlight the past four quarters of results.
  • Satisfy the board – The Executive Summary and Manager Comparison provide a concise board-level overview.
  • Develop further analysis – Fund Comparison and Broker Comparison Reports allow for additional analysis.
  • Communicate with managers – The 4th Group Reports provide a foundation for discussions with investment advisers.

Transition Management

In today’s environment, transparency is of utmost importance.

As one of the largest independent transition managers in the industry, CAPIS’ dedication to providing complete transparency during transition events is unwavering. During each step of the transition event, you’ll know exactly what is happening with your trades and your event.

Our customized execution strategies are designed to ensure your transition event is successful. Throughout the transition event, we are continually monitoring the portfolios to mitigate any potential risks while constantly communicating the progress of your event with you.

With every transition, CAPIS provides hands-on attention, personalized solutions and complete transparency.