Outsourced trading. Saving your resources

What is Outsourced Trading?

Outsourced trading enables you to focus on what you do best and leave some or even all of the trade execution and operations to our trading team. This can be a great option for new or established RIAs downsizing to better allocate resources; managers looking to extend reach and manage growth without additional overhead cost; or unregistered managers, Hedge Funds or family offices needing experienced traders at competitive commission rates.

Whether you use your own Order Management System (OMS) or Execution Management System (EMS) or utilize CAPIS’ technology, CAPIS will support you throughout the entire trade process including connectivity, execution, allocation and middle office operations. CAPIS can represent you in global markets or represent you to other executing brokers whom you may want or need to pay.

CAPIS covers the following markets:
  • Global equities
  • Fixed income – USD
  • Derivatives
  • Program trading
  • Transition management
  • Algorithmic strategies through the Clearpool platform

CAPIS is also a leading provider of commission management and compliance assistance, and we offer execution and trade cost analysis.

About Our Team

CAPIS has no asset management or proprietary trading conflicts; this allows us to focus solely on client needs. Established in 1977, CAPIS’ reputation for having a team of experienced traders using state-of-the-art trading technology sets us apart as a leader in our field.
Learn more about individual members of our team here.

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