Outsourced trading. Consultative process.

CAPIS Outsourced Trading enables you to focus on what you do best: managing your assets and client relationships. CAPIS partners with you for the life cycle of the trade, from market intelligence to best execution strategy, commission management (CSA/soft dollar) and settlement.

Trading Capabilities
  • Global Equities 24/6
  • Fixed Income
  • Derivatives
  • ETFs
  • Program Trading
  • Algorithmic Trading
Extension of Your Desk
  • Unbiased, agency trading model assures our goals are aligned with yours.
  • Tightly controlled information and CAPIS only seeking natural liquidity with client permission protects your order flow.
  • Anonymous trading capabilities ensure your information is safeguarded and your best interests are top priority.
Optimal Allocation of Resources
  • Extend your reach without increasing cost.
  • Tap into CAPIS’ market-leading commission management services.
  • Utilize a single point of contact to streamline broker relationships both in and out of your network.
  • Direct CAPIS to trade with brokers for your research credit.
  • Access expert compliance assistance and transaction cost analysis (TCA).
  • Track allocation of commissions using CAPIS’ industry-leading online portal and mobile app.
  • Alleviate short-term staffing pressures.

The People Behind the Technology

CAPIS provides an experienced team of professionals to cover your unique needs. These teams include:

  • Trader – Primary Contact for Trading and Connectivity
  • Sales – Primary Relationship Manager
  • Client Service
  • Compliance
  • Operations and Settlements

Learn more about individual members of our team here.

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